When I left you last I spoke about my plans for my upcoming convention plans and the cosplays I will be taking.. this post more or less carries on from where we left off.

At the time of writing this (hand written draft) I WAS sat in a coffee shop, annoyed as hell that the sole fabric store here in town doesn’t stock what I need…. “But Whitlyham, that’s not the end of the world!!” I hear you say, and you’re right! I DO have options, some more time consuming than others (and ones I would rather not have to do tbh). Before I well and truly throw my teddy from my cot…  I have another shop in a neighbouring town that I can try, before searching online and eventually dyeing fabric if that doesn’t work out (this is the thing I really don’t want to have to do.. I have limited time as it is!!)  That being said, Rowena; the other costume i’m taking, is complete! Up to now I only have the photo below, but I intend to have many more!


So yeah, cosplay plans are going moderately well, not perfect.. but moderately well lmao!

In other convention related news I can tell you that Jared Padalecki has finally been announced for Asylum 16! This will be the 3rd convention at which i’ve met this giant of a man and I can’t wait! The first time I met him at Asylum 12 I had just debuted my Abaddon cosplay…

jared photo 2

He rendered me totally mute when he greeted me with “Hey how’s it goin’ Abaddon?” And I felt so bad that I couldn’t even say hi. But the factt hat he recognized the costume was amazing. It’s a cosplayers dream (or mine at least, given the zero confidence I have at the best of times) to have the stars of the show from which they’re creating costumes recognize that, and given how crude the costume was back then made it even better lol.

Every penny I have is going into funding this convention. I’ve satand worked out roughly how much i’m going to be spending.. now that Jared is going it’s going to be a MINIMIUM of £250. I counted my savings and was pleasantly surprised to find that i’m almost at that target! THough this doesn’t take into account the £188 for the hotel room, the £51.50 for the trains (though I am looking into advanced single tickets at a fraction of the price!) or any of the coffee lounges, buying merch, food and drink or even raffle tickets…So yeah, conventions can turn into an expensive addiction (and i use that word because that is exactly what they are) So ensure you’re fully prepared for how much you’re going to wind up spending lol!

Are you going to Asylum 16? How are you plans coming along? Will it be your first? Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments below!! Until next time

Whitlyham xxx



Given that when I began this blog I said that it was to have more of a prescence online. I haven’t exactly held to that…. oops. ANYWAY, convention season is looming, for some it’s probably already here, and in the life if a cosplayer that can only mean one thing… NEW COSPLAYS!!

The first convention that’s coming up for me is Asylum 16, an unofficial Supernatural convention held down in Birmingham (though soon to be Blackpool). For this particular one i’ll be bringing back Abaddon, as well as debuting to brand new ones in the form of Rowena, and Alice in Wonderland!!


abaddon 3

Speaking of Alice, as per Asylum tradition, i’ll also be bringing back Alice Lidell. The costume that pretty much kick started my cosplaying habit, she’ll make an appearance at one of the parties, though which one I can’t say for sure right now.  SO if you see me feel free to come and say hello!!!!!!

There are around 92 days left before I actually head down, and in those 92 days i’m going to be hella busy! I have yet to actually sew the new Alice costume… or rather, I have yet to buy literally everything for it and THEN get around to sewing it. Add to this figuring out how much money I actually need to save, buying food, train tickets etc.. and figuring out who exactly i want photos with (though Jensen Ackles is a no brainer.. I mean COME ON!)


See?? No brainer…..

For me this also means i get to see the SQUAD!!! With the exception of Holly (Minimoose) it’s been a year since i last saw them all in person.. and knowing that I have such a short time to wait before I can see them all again just makes me so happy!

So that’s it for now. I’ll aim to provide regular updates showing what i’m up to as well as planning/cosplay progress for the conventon. Let me know in the comments below if you’re going, is it your first convention? How are you plans coming along??? Or are you just a fan of Supernatural? LET ME KNOW!!!


This pain is all too real.

I didn’t want my second blog post here to be this.. but I have to get my feelings down somewhere.. so I apologise.

As many of us are still reeling from the death of David Bowie, the entertainment industry was dealt another crushing blow today in the form of the death of Alan Rickman.

The pain of losing Mr. Bowie is still extremely raw to many of us, and  the death of Mr. Rickman came as a total shock that I, for one, am not quite prepared to accept. Having grown up listening to David’s music and watching Alan in movies such as Dogma, Sweeney Todd and Harry Potter the hole left in my heart where both of them should be hurts like hell, losing them both in the same week has basically ripped my heart in two.

I’m fast approaching the age where all the artists I grew up watching/listening to are going to eventually pass, and that scares me. There are some people in this world who you think will never die, they’ve always been in your life one way or another and it’s like they’ll go on forever…. but if this week (or past two months, actually… when you take into consideration Lemmy’s passing in December) has taught me anything, it’s that anyone can die at any moment and that we only have a short time here on earth, making the most of what we have been given is important. They say bad things come in three’s, and I pray to whatever higher power might exist that this is it. No more.

All 3 men have left a legacy that will continue on for decades to come, they will never die in our hearts. So look to the skies for the Starman, and raise a wand and a glass of whiskey in memory of Lemmy and Mr. Rickman xxxx

Well Hello!

Ok, so in an effort to maintain more of an active presence online I figured I would venture into the land of blogging!!

But before I get to that it’s probably best that I talk a little bit about me, where i’m from and the things I enjoy doing (beware though, i’m not that exciting!)  So let’s get to it!!

My name is Sam and i’m 28 (soon to be 29 but we don’t talk about that). I live in the north of England in a small town around 15 miles from Sheffield. I’m an artist struggling to relearn her craft after many years being out of the game.. and by years i’m talking 10? But it’s okay, i’ll get there eventually i’m sure 🙂 I’m also an amateur cosplayer, teaching myself the ins and outs of how to sew and read patterns.. and eventually i’ll teach myself how to draft my own. So far I have 7 costumes, but perhaps my most well known one is Alice Lidell from the American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns video game.

better alice

I am a gamer, though at the moment I haven’t had a lot of free time. I’m currently awaiting Kingdom Hearts 3 (i’ve been waiting for about 10 freakin years for this omg!!) and the Final Fantasy VII remake, because Final Fantasy!!! I recently finished Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Jack the Ripper DLC (Jacob Frye tho!!.. AYO!!) Tho not 100% YET (i’m working on it, give me time!).. When i say recently, I mean a good few weeks ago lol.

Most people who know me, know that I love my American TV shows, especially Supernatural. So much so that i’ve attended 5 conventions (soon to be 6) and met pretty much all of the cast members, including Jared and Jensen. I also love my rock and metal music, and have attended Download Festival 4 times.. though i hope this number will go up eventually, it’s been far too long.

Pretty sure that’s it (I told you I wasn’t very exciting!) Just some basic info about me.